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Basic Training

This training can be completed online or in person. You will learn the foundational skills and techniques needed to use the CD3 products safely and accurately. 

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Advanced Training

This training expands upon the basic course to teach you more advanced tactics and techniques. Only available in person with online supplementary material. This course can only be taken after completing the basic training course.

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For our existing clients only

Recertification is for those who have already taken the course and wish to keep up with their training. 

G. L. O. V. E.

The G.L.O.V.E. or Generated Low Output Voltage Emitter is Compliant Technologies' flagship product. Its electronics are the basis of our CD3 technology.

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E-Band Restrictor

E-Band Restrictors are magnetically operated, remotely controlled CD3’s that use the same technology as our flagship product, the G.L.O.V.E. E-Bands come in two models, the EBA (bi-cep and lower leg) and the EBL (thigh area). Both are effective for transporting those just brought into custody, prisoner transport, court room proceedings, medical visits or hospital stays. 

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Compliant Technologies’ CT-SS Sound Shield is a useful tool for Civil Disturbance Units during situations where agencies are trying to move large groups out of an area or for area deniability. It sends out an uncomfortable high audible tone below the pain and injury thresholds. during rioting, civil disturbances, and other operations based upon agency need. Our shields come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities. These tools are designed to give users flexibility and a humane tactical advantage over large crowds or lone individuals

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Our analog classic E-Vest is a magnetically operated, remotely controlled CD3 that uses the same technology as our flagship product the G.L.O.V.E. The E-Vest comes in sizes that range from a 36” to 50” chest size. The E-Vest is effective for prisoner transport and court room proceedings. The E-Vest brings subjects into compliance when committing acts of aggression or attempting escape.

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